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Complete Pre-op and Post-op Instructions


  • For children receiving Valium sedation, a light snack before the treatment is acceptable. Avoid greasy and heavy foods.

  • Valium sedation is given with liquid Motrin. Additional Tylenol or Motrin is not needed prior to treatment.

  • Avoid giving your child anything that will make them drowsy in addition to the Valium. (Ex. Cough medicine, Benadryl)

  • Monitor your child in the waiting room. Once the Valium is in their system, they will become off-balance.


  • The effects of the Valium lasts for 4 - 6 hours after their treatment

  • Avoid solid foods for 2 hours after treatment due to numbness. Liquids and soft foods, such as ice cream, pudding, and mashed potatoes are okay. After 2 hours, you may progress to giving them more solid foods.

  • Numbness for 2-3 hours following the appointment is normal. Keep a close eye on your child while this wears off.

  • Gum swelling in the treatment area is to be expected.

  • If your child frequently sucks, chews, bites, or scratches the surrounding treatment area, swollen lips or mouth ulcers are possible. These will heal over time.

Tooth extraction

  • A soft diet should be followed for 2-3 days after the extraction.

  • Dr. Wood will place a dissolvable dental pack in the area to help with bleeding. No replacement is needed if this comes out before it's dissolved.

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